Our Skin Therapists’ Choice: Beauty Therapist Madison

It’s easy to go onto Instagram, YouTube, or basically any other social media platform and find out the latest skincare tips and trends—but do you ever wonder what skincare professionals’ routines look like? We went straight to the source and asked our amazing Skin Therapists at Lavish about their skin journey and the products they love to use.

Meet Skin Therapist Madison; Madison has combination skin. Her main concern is regulating her oil flow as it tends to increase during the day but can be dehydrated at times. She is also starting to notice pigmentation on the right side of her face from driving a lot and being exposed to the Australian sun!

What has your skin journey been like?

I must say, I’ve been lucky all my life with my skin. I’ve only had a few breakouts at one time, and that’s been fairly recently. My main issue growing up was psoriasis that would flare up either around my eyes or on my chin, which I didn’t want to overuse steroid cream on. I can see I’ve already started to get redness underneath the skin on my cheeks and that is inherited from my mum’s side of the family. I do have quite pale skin, which I always thought was super sensitive to products—but now I realise that I just had to find the right ones!

What does your daily skincare routine look like?

I do own quite a few skincare products, so I love to mix up my routine a bit, but I have a few main staples that I always go back to. In the morning I cleanse with Gentle Clean, then put on my Multi B, which has been a lifesaver for hydrating and evening out my oil flow. Recently I’ve introduced Simply Brilliant, which is a pigment blocker—and, of course, my eye cream and finish off with sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must!

In the evening, I will use my gentle clean again along with Deep Clean every third night. Twice a week I use Purity Detox Scrub, which makes me look bright and smooth. Redness serum I will use most nights; although it’s an oil, it doesn’t clog my pores and it helps relieve redness. Soon I’ll be moving onto my Vitamin A serum, which is Serum 16. I finish it off with an eye serum and eye cream.

What other kinds of at-home treatments do you complement your daily routine with?

I love masks. I love trying new masks from everywhere—it’s my Sunday night routine! I do think, though, that our Peptide mask is one of the best around. Instant calming, cooling and hydrating, it’s a beautiful gel sheet mask that feels amazing when you put it in the fridge.

I would love to do a mask twice a week, but I like to keep things simple and quick. Most masks out there shouldn’t be used every night because they’re designed as a treatment or a booster, rather than an everyday thing. They can lead to overstimulation of your skin, leading to adverse reactions. It all depends on the product.

Have there been any products you’ve found to be game changers?

TEEN SPOT TREATMENT! For those of you who only get breakouts every so often, this is easy to use. Twice a day, put a drop on the bump when it first appears and it’ll go down really quickly, before you have Vesuvius on your face!

Also a shout out to Purity Detox Scrub. This is such a good exfoliant; not only is it mechanical with the tiny beads, but it’s enzymatic as well, so it reaches a deeper level and cleans out your pores like a bottle brush. It leaves you feeling bright, fresh, and clean.

What are your favourite in-salon treatments to get?

Um… everything? My main treatment that I get religiously would have to be peels. It can be anything from a light antioxidant peel to a deeper one that leaves my skin feeling like new. Microdermabrasion will never go out of style and for me, who gets congestion underneath the skin, it’s so good at keeping it at bay. Combine it with a Peptide Mask and LED light and you have yourself a winning combination!

What are your favourite in-salon treatments to perform on others?

It’s actually the same as above! I love tinkering with people’s treatments and I’m always thinking of what I can do for them. I also love the Emsculpt, one of our new master machines at the clinic. Building muscle and toning up can be so hard sometimes, no matter how hard you work. I just love the way people can really feel it working for them and the results they see!

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