What can a VISIA Skin Analysis tell me about my skin?

If you could talk to your skin, what would you ask? What do you think it would tell you?

With the latest technology, there’s a way we can find out. Meet the VISIA,  a highly advanced imaging system that evaluates the sub-surface layer of the skin. From identifying porphyrins (bacterial emissions) to hyperpigmentation, the VISIA Skin Analysis is the best way for your skin to communicate its needs. The VISIA Skin Analysis focuses specifically on these key six elements:

  • Wrinkles
  • Brown Spots
  • Pore Count
  • Texture
  • Bacteria Level
  • UV Damage

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Why should I book in for a VISIA Skin Analysis? 

A VISIA Skin Consultation can assist both you and your skin therapist in tailoring your treatments and skincare products to best improve your skin health. By identifying a problem, it is much easier to find a solution. Rather than deciding to follow through with a treatment based on instinct, obtain all the information you need from a non-invasive consultation that will provide you an abundance of information about your skin that a traditional skin consultation cannot provide.

A VISIA Skin Consultation can tell you how effective your skin treatments have been. Consider this like a before and after shot of your skin, except it has a lot more information to offer than its physical appearance. Comparing your pre-treatment imaging to photos take after your dermal treatments, you and your skin therapist will be able to clearly see how your skin is responding to treatments and what to continue to focus on.

Also, a VISIA Skin Consultation can discover skin issues you may not have realised that you have. Though you may not physically show any signs of any of the skin issues listed on the above list, a VISIA Skin Consultation has the ability to discover skin conditions that may not yet be visible on the surface, but still impact your overall skin’s health.

By photographing the sub-surface layer of the skin, the VISIA Skin Analysis can uncover underlying concerns that aren’t visible to the human eye. This allows your therapist to identify and treat skin issues before they rise to the surface, ensuring you can reach your skin goals as soon as possible.

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What is the experience like?

During the consultation, your therapist will simply seat you in front of the VISIA system, which will begin to scan your face. VISIA captures all sides of your face: left, right and frontal views. You will then be able to view your results on a computer screen. 

What does the imaging look like?

See below an image of the machine itself, along with the assessment report provided after your analysis. 

How long does it take?

The imaging takes no more than ten minutes though we allow an additional ten minutes for your therapist to analyse and interpret the images, suggesting the best treatment protocols moving forward. Post the VISIA you can choose to add on a specified treatment or relax with a session in our LED light salon.

Who is it best for?

This skin analysis is great for anyone wanting to find out more about their skin, it’s behaviour and how to best take care of it for the future. We believe that science, information and education is the key to excellent results. This analysis provides a great deal of information in a matter of minutes and can instantly inform our clients and skin therapists on where to focus their attention.

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