Best Treatments to Combat Winter Skin Troubles

Winter can be a trying time for us all, we crave the sun, a holiday somewhere warm and of course an ice cold drink or two. However, It’s not all bad, we here at Lavish like to think of winter as the perfect hibernation period of self improvement and the ideal opportunity to invest in your skin and your overall health. 

We have outlined some of our favourite treatments perfect for combatting the effects of the colder weather to ensure you are looking and feeling your best this winter. 

Chemical Peel Facials:

Chemical peels are a great way to renew the skin’s surface, involving a chemical exfoliant being applied topically to the face acting as a catalyst for deep and effective exfoliation of dead skin and impurities from the pores. 

Following your chemical peel treatment, the first and second layers of your skin will peel off leaving you with glowing, replenished and smooth skin. At Lavish, we offer a variety of peels, each one suitable to particular skin types and concerns, taking into consideration sensitivity levels, lifestyle factors, and skin concerns. 


DermaFrac Facial

DermaFrac is a micro channeling treatment which works by repeatedly pricking the skin with microneedles creating micro channels that make the skin much more effective in receiving nutrients. The treatment can be tailored to deliver certain ingredients depending on what your skin is needing, for example, Hydration, Clarity, Vitamin C or Rejuvenation.  

This treatment is incredibly effective in treating dry and dehydrated skin because congestion caused by dryness and build up of dead skin cells often makes it very hard for your usual skin care products to penetrate the skin. Not only is DermaFrac exfoliating but it also has lasting results in increasing the effectiveness of your skin care products, something which is vital in maintaining a healthy moisture barrier this winter. 

La Prairie Platinum Rare Facial 

Utilising the power of pure platinum, La Prairie’s Platinum Rare Facial is the epitome of luxury. Complete with La Prairie’s infamous Cellular Complex, this facial treatment rejuvenates the skin and slows the ageing process in the pursuit of a youthful and incredible glow.

Packed with antioxidants, the Platinum Rare treatment detoxifies the skin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also having a lifting and firming effect on your appearance. 

La Prairie Pure Gold Radiance Facial 

If you are looking to revitalise, replenish and enrich the skin, La Prairie’s Pure Gold Radiance facial is the treatment for you, inspired by the golden hour in the Swiss alps this treatment aims to restore radiance in the skin by providing it with a surge of highly effective nutrients. 

The Pure Gold Radiance facial smooths the skin and refines texture whilst also reducing the appearance of discolouration around the eyes and restoring volume and intense hydration to the skin. 

Combining regular exfoliating and hydrating clinical treatments with a high quality skin care regimen is the best way to tackle the winter climate and its effects on your skin. Treatments like the ones we have outlined above are ideal for dry and congested skin because of the ability of exfoliants to rid your skin of unwanted build up in your pores. Following an exfoliating treatment, using products and treatments that restore and replenish nutrients to the skin create the perfect skin ‘reset this winter’. 

Although drastic changes in our climate can be harsh on our complexions, there are a variety of effective products and treatments available at Lavish to help keep your skin hydrated in winter. For further information or to book in for a consultation, please make an appointment online here.