DNA Repair Enzymes in Aspect Platinum

Aspect Platinum: Revolutionizing Skincare Using DNA Repair Enzymes

Medical researchers and clinicians have spent decades trying to solve the mystery of the human body's DNA repair system. In recent years, they have made remarkable discoveries about DNA enzymes, and this research is finally making its way into skincare formulas.

Today, Aspect Skincare has developed a highly exclusive line of medical-grade cosmeceutical skincare products called Aspect Platinum that is revolutionising the skincare industry and filling the gaps that antioxidants and sunscreen alone cannot cover. Learn more about DNA repair enzymes in skincare and how the Aspect Platinum skincare range uses them to promote skin health, reduce wrinkles and boost collagen like never before.

What Are DNA Repair Enzymes?

Repair enzymes occur naturally in the skin and help restore cells damaged by sun exposure. Unfortunately, DNA enzymes diminish as you age, making the skin more susceptible to sun damage. This is why you start to develop wrinkles and brown spots on your skin as you get older.

When incorporated effectively, repair enzymes in skin care products can help restore skin and fight the existing damage to produce healthier skin that appears more radiant. With modern technology, experts can harness the power of repair enzymes, imbuing anti-ageing and skin barrier-restoring properties in creams, serums, and masks.

However, to get the full effect, you need products containing high-quality, potent and pure forms of repair enzymes that will mimic the properties of the natural enzymes produced by your body. They must also be part of a comprehensive array of products with hydrating ingredients and antioxidants. The Aspect Platinum range of creams and serums incorporates all these elements into an incredibly effective skincare range.

What DNA Repair Enzymes Do You Find in the Aspect Platinum Line?

Industry-leading chemists discovered repair enzymes that mimic those produced by the human body in plants. The three you find in the Aspect Platinum range are photosomes, ultrasomes, and roxisomes. Each has unique benefits that address ageing markers beneath the skin's surface and battle natural changes in cellular DNA that make your skin lose its elasticity and youthfulness. To understand the revolutionary effect of these products, let’s consider the role of repair enzymes in skincare.


Photosomes are present in five of the seven products in the Aspect Platinum line because they offer superior protection from the sun, arguably the most significant threat to healthy skin. Photosomes are liposome structures that carry the DNA enzyme photolysase. This comes from plankton and releases a photo-reactivating enzyme when exposed to light, starting to repair skin at the DNA level. Chemists discovered that combining photosomes with ultrasomes presents a sophisticated DNA repair system.


Ultrasomes are enzymes encapsulated in liposomes, much like photosomes. These come from natural egg phospholipids and mimic human DNA repair enzymes. They also stimulate the production of melanin. In short, they speed up the repair process and inhibit the damage UV light can cause to the skin. Aspect Platinum's Defining A serum, Eye 4D cream, and Optimum Hydration moisturiser all use ultrasomes with photosomes for optimal sun damage repair.


Roxisome is a DNA repair enzyme that targets oxidative damage in the nucleus and mitochondria. Oxidative damage occurs when there are more free radicals in the body than antioxidants that get rid of them. Roxisomes repair tissue and cell damage.

How do these enzymes work with other ingredients in skincare products to produce the preventative and restorative products you need for glowing, youthful skin? Let us consider some of the most common ingredients in effective skincare before evaluating what makes Aspect Platinum unique.

What Ingredients Can Heighten the Effects of DNA Repair Enzymes in Skincare?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to skincare production. Factors like skin quality and type impact how ingredients in skincare work for you. However, products using the following ingredients along with repair enzymes can be beneficial:

  • Resveratrol: a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damages that can age them
  • Niacinamide: a form of vitamin B3 known to brighten, moisturise, and help prevent acne
  • Vitamin C: another antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that hydrate the skin, improve texture and tone, and reduce signs of ageing
  • Retinol: a product that increases skin cell proliferation, unclogs pores, increases the production of collagen, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyaluronic acid: another product to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by flexing and stretching the skin

Ageing is a multifaceted process that can manifest differently for everyone. The most efficient way to assess your skin health and needs is through a consultation with a professional skincare therapist with access to modern diagnostic methods and products with ingredients that cater to your skincare needs.

What Is Aspect Platinum and How Does It Use DNA Repair Enzymes?

The Aspect Platinum line specifically targets the factors contributing to ageing and protects against free radicals. The range of products use scientifically proven ingredients, including many of those listed above, with repair enzymes to restore and protect the skin:

  1. The Hydrating Cream Cleanser removes makeup and other impurities while protecting and strengthening the skin barrier. Key ingredients include polyhydroxy acids and Inca omega oil.
  2. The Essential Duo is an anti-ageing serum that treats pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, photodamage, and other skin imperfections. It contains photosomes, the naturally occurring DNA enzymes that repair damage from UV rays.
  3. The Defining A serum supports skin renewal, improves dryness, and reduces wrinkles and fine lines you may see in mature or sun-damaged skin. It also contains photosomes and ultrasomes, which are enzymes common in night creams for overnight repair.
  4. Brightening C is a complex blend of vitamins C and E with other botanicals to produce firmer, brighter skin and treat environmental damage. Key ingredients include honey locus extract, hydrolysed collagen, and photosomes, which together build resilience, hydrate, and plump.
  5. Eye 4D eye cream is a multidimensional approach targeting the fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles you commonly see in all skin types. Using repair enzymes, such as photosomes and ultrasomes, with a triple retinoid complex and vitamin C, Eye 4D treats the most delicate skin on your face.
  6. Rejuvenating B is another power product in the Aspect Platinum designed with anti-ageing effects, but this serum uses Argireline and Juvelevn, which are peptides with wrinkle-fighting properties. Juveleven is a peptide solution that stimulates natural DNA repair pathways, enhancing the vitality of cells.
  7. Optimum Hydration Moisuturiser. More on this below.

All Aspect Platinum products fight the ageing effects of UV exposure and help restore the skin's barrier using cutting-edge technology and natural repair enzymes. A final step in the Aspect Platinum regimen is Optimum Hydration.

Optimum Hydration Cream's Use of DNA Repair Enzymes

Optimum Hydration is a luxurious, creamy moisturizer that protects the skin from environmental damage and neutralises factors contributing to premature ageing with the help of repair enzymes. The first three key ingredients are DNA enzymes photosomes, ultrasomes, and roxisomes.

With morning and evening applications, Optimum Hydration protects the skin from the most common environmental stressors, including pollution, free radicals, and sun exposure. Moreover, it repairs damaged skin at the cellular level.

What Makes Aspect Platinum Unique

Aspect Platinum offers exceptional skincare thanks to the brand's pre-emptive, multi-factorial strategy to restore the skin barrier, repair damaged cells, and prevent the ageing markers you often see on the skin. In addition, Aspect recognises the importance of making innovative discoveries in the skincare industry accessible to everyone, particularly therapists who know how to use these products effectively.

Can DNA Repair Enzymes Repair Past Damage?

Topical repair enzymes can remove existing DNA damage and prevent continued damage. It works somewhat like a sewist, finding damaged cells in DNA, cutting the wear out, and patching it back up with undamaged DNA.

DNA is subject to assault from the environment, exacerbating the ageing process and potentially causing mutations that could result in diseases like cancer. Photoreactivation is a known method to repair damage caused by sun exposure, and is a property of photosomes.

Skin Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Using a topical DNA repair enzyme will not guarantee protection from skin cancer, but it can help. The level of antioxidants in most standard skincare products is insufficient to make an impactful change in free radical damage. Research shows that the same enzymes used in Aspect Platinum products can:

  • Increase the rate of DNA repair in skin cells
  • Provide a more effective response to cancers forming in the skin
  • Supplement natural responses to DNA damage and improve efficacy

Repairing DNA damage can strengthen the immune response when fighting tumour cells. This does not mean that skincare alone can treat skin cancer. However, continuous usage of products with repair enzymes and sunscreen may improve the health of your skin, decrease your chances of getting skin cancer, and improve your skin's ability to fight carcinogenesis.

Where Can You Access Products With DNA Repair Enzymes in Australia?

Lavish Skin and Body offers free detailed skin consultations and our therapists will prescribe a skincare regime that specifically targets your concerns. We consistently introduce new and innovative skincare treatments into our services, including Aspect Skincare's latest revolutionary line of products that use DNA repair enzymes to address the effects of ageing at a cellular level. Clients searching for preventative or remedial skincare treatments can benefit from Aspect Platinum. Contact Lavish online, speak to a therapist at (03) 9827 9243, or email hello@lavishskinandbody.com.au to schedule your consultation.