The 10 reasons why we love Emsculpt

As we are heading into the warmer months, it is only natural to start thinking of the festive season and wanting to look and feel your very best. Here at Lavish, we pride ourselves on using cutting edge technology in both our treatments and products. Emsculpt is the latest technology in body sculpting and fat reduction treatment, many clients have seen positive results in muscle building and deep remodelling of their muscle tone and appearance. 

Emsculpt uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy to create a ‘pulse’ like effect within your muscles which is the equivalent to an incredibly high intense workout for your muscles this is what sets Emsculpt apart from other body contouring  treatments, Emsculpt targets fat cells and muscle fibers to build muscle and burn fat.

Not sure if Emsculpt is for you? We have outlined our top 10 reasons why you should consider this amazing treatment:

1. Emsculpt reduces fat and builds muscle 

Clinical studies have revealed Emsculpt increases muscle mass by 16% and can reduce fat by up to 19% depending on the patient. If you have trouble reducing stubborn fat or to build muscle,  the Emsculpt treatment will help you reach ideal body shaping results . 

2. Emsculpt works on a variety of body areas

The Emsculpt treatment can be used to treat many areas, including, abdominal muscles, buttocks, arms, calves and thigh depending on your desired results.

3. Emsculpt is 100% safe 

An Emsculpt treatment involves laying back whilst the paddles are applied to your desired areas and removed once the session is complete. There is no pain, no side effects and no scarring or bruising. An Emsculpt procedure feels like an intense workout which is what makes it such an effective treatment plan.

4. Emsculpt procedures are quick 

Each Emsculpt session usually takes around 30 minutes and afterwards you are able to go about your day as per usual.

5. You will begin to feel results after your first treatment 

Post treatment, most clients begin to feel results immediately after the first session. This usually entails improved posture or less fatigue during exercise. Most clients see drastic improvements in muscle tone and fat reduction after 4-5 sessions.

6. The Results are proven 

The results of Emsculpt are long lasting and the treatment is incredibly effective considering it’s non-invasive nature. Many studies report that another capability of this treatment, when performed on a physically active  individual can also enhance their athletic capabilities. 

7. No pre-treatment preparation necessary 

The Emsculpt treatment doesn’t require any preparation. You won’t need to fast prior or alter your diet, simply, come as you are to begin the journey to achieving your dream transformation.

8. It’s non invasive 

Emsculpt is an innovative treatment that doesn’t require any surgical measures to enhance muscle tone and fat reduction. Without any incisions or stitches Emsculpt is a great way to achieve top results without any long term implications.

9. There’s no downtime

Since Emsculpt is a non-invasive treatment, this also means that following treatment you will not require any recovery time.

10. You can schedule follow up appointments to maintain the results you love!

Emsculpt results usually last 6 to 12 months. However, some patients might require a few more sessions to maintain muscle  tone and fat reduction on certain areas along the way. 

To further discuss Emsculpt and whether it is the right treatment for you, you can book your free consultation by clicking here.