The real benefits of LED Light Therapy

Typically when you think of a facial, images of gels, creams, clays, and peels may come to mind. But imagine a facial with zero physical contact—a facial that can provide you a vast array of different benefits, including smooth, supple skin, cleared of acne, all without a single touch.

Enter LED Light Therapy. This treatment is a game changer in promoting collagen and elastin production, eradicating active acne and killing acne causing bacteria, accelerating the healing process of your skin like no other treatment. The results speak for themselves. 

This non-invasive treatment treats an array of skin concerns, including acne, scarring, ageing and more. Not to be confused with laser treatments, LED Light Therapy was originally designed to speed up the healing process of scars. If you’re unfamiliar with this facial treatment and want to learn more, we’ve answered a number of questions you probably have below. 

What is LED Light Therapy?

Emitting varying wavelengths of light in different colours such as red and blue light, LED Light therapy delves into the deeper layers of the skin, providing the following benefits:

  • Accelerates healing
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases cellular function
  • Boosts skin rejuvenation
  • Promotes the healing of active acne
  • Kills acne causing bacteria
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Reduces the appearance of sun damage/age spots

Who is it for?

This treatment is perfect for clients who want to try a pain-free skin-tightening treatment, combat active acne, and give their skin an overall healthy glow. Many celebrities are regular LED Light Therapy clients as it’s a great way to keep the skin camera-ready at all times. It even can be a great add-on treatment combined with a skin peel as it acts as an anti-inflammatory, making the skin look perfect in a matter of minutes.

Note: if you’re unsure about how your skin will react to this therapy, we recommend consulting with your doctor or dermatologist before trying LED Light Therapy.

How does it work? 

Different colours (frequencies) of light target different specific skin concerns. Our skin therapists will examine your skin and after a comprehensive consultation, they will determine which type of light will be most beneficial for you. Some lights can also be used in conjunction with each other, providing incredible results.

Some of the most common coloured lights include:

Blue Light:  Best for fighting active acne

  • Reduces activity in the sebaceous glands (the small oil creating glands)
  • Kills bacteria that causes inflammation and acne
  • Improves skin texture

Yellow Light: Best for wound/scar healing, skin irritation such as redness/rosacea and fine lines/wrinkles

  • The deepest penetrating medical grade treatment
  • Reduces redness and wrinkle causing inflammation
  • Boosts circulation
  • Stimulates the rejuvenation process within your cells

Red Light: Best for inflammation, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Boosts collagen production
  • Improves scarring and signs of aging such as wrinkles

What can I expect?

Expect to be laying back for 20 minutes or so, whilst the light does it’s magic. It is a completely painless experience, emitting a slightly warm feeling on the skin. Many of our clients liken it to sunbathing—minus the sun damage, of course!

Is it safe?

Completely! A common misconception is that LED Light Therapy uses UV rays, which is untrue. We do provide goggles to keep the eyes protected from the bright lights, but there is no risk of UV damage. 

How many treatments will I need before I start to see results?

The great thing about LED Light Therapy is that you may begin to see results in just days after your treatment. Typically, however, we expect to see the most significant results after four weeks of regular treatments.

We recommend visiting once a week for up to 10 weeks, then reducing treatments to every few months to upkeep the treatment.

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