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Jet Peel

60mins $342

Plump and hydrate the skin with our Unique Jet Peel. This treatment is not a traditional peel but instead uses a specialised machine to deliver a combination of oxygen, water and salt to the dermis. The specialised nozzle delivers a highly pressurised stream of salt water & oxygen to the skin, producing a deep exfoliation effect through the removal of dead skin cells to stimulate collagen production.

A jet is used to infuse a high-pressure stream of serum into the skin. Using this technique, serum is delivered approximately 4 millimetres below the skin's surface and then works its way up to the outer layer of the skin.
This treatment restores hydration to the skin to combat dryness and make the complexion plump and radiant. The serums used in this peel can be customised to clients' specific skin concerns.
Jet peels are generally more gentle on the skin than typical chemical peels are. There is no downtime for this treatment; clients with sensitive skin may experience redness for a short time following the treatment.

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