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Face Only $418 | Face, Neck and Décolletage $698 | Additional Serum $59 | 4 Face sessions $1472

DermaFrac is a Micro-channelling machine that works by repeatedly pricking the skin with small needles infused with high-grade ingredients and serums. This will result in a plump, youthful-looking complexion.

Dermafrac provides a pain-free and highly effective delivery of essential nutrients to the skin. Your clinician will discuss with you your treatment needs and select an appropriate serum such as Hydrate, Clarify, Growth Factor Complex, Vitamin C and Rejuvenate.

Dermafrac uses micro-needles and a suction component that gently lifts the skin towards the needles allowing deeper perferations which aids a heightened delivery of your chosen serum and reducing any discomfort.
Unlike many other treatments, Dermafrac can be used over the lips and close to the eyes. The pain-free treatment provides a fantastic method of skin rejuventation, and the multitude of available serums mean this treatment is great for all skin types. Plus, the treatment has almost no down time. Complete your treatment with a quick mineral makeup application and you are ready to go.
A Dermafrac treatment will begin like a traditional facial, with a deep cleanse of the skin. Your clinician will discuss your skin concerns and select the serum best suited to your particular needs. The treatment itself takes approximately 45 minutes and will be relatively pain free. The device uses suction to lift the skin, micro needles to create minuscule pinpricks into which the serum is delivered. Clients describe the feeling as a cold suction combined with a slight, but relatively painless, scratchy sensation. We recommend clients complete a course of six treatments over weekly intervals to achieve complete skin revitalisation and then monthly maintenance sessions.

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