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Strengthen pelvic floor muscles with EmSella. Electromagnetic energy is sent through the body to trigger muscle contractions that cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action alone. This non-invasive, painless treatment works to combat the side effects of weakened pelvic floor muscles such as urinary incontinence or a consistent urge to urinate. This treatment is ideal for new mothers who wish to rebuild their pelvic floor and prevent future weakening of the bladder.
Clinical trials indicate clients should undergo 6 treatment sessions over a 3-week period to achieve significant results. A minimum of 48 hours between each session is advised.
We offer a range of package options from single sessions and packages of two, four and six sessions.
This is a non-invasive treatment and clients can remain fully clothed throughout the treatment. Clients describe the feeling of the treatment as being unusual, but not painful or uncomfortable. There is no downtime for this treatment; regular activities can be resumed immediately following the treatment.

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