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LED Healite

LED Healite 30min $74 | LED Healite Add on $59

Calm areas of irritation and brighten the skin with our LED Facial. This 30 minute treatment includes a cleanse, steam & exfoliation before culminating in a LED light therapy session to target collagen production and pigmentation located deep within the skin.

Each frequency addresses a different skin concern. Infrared helps to build new collagen and elastin and accelerate skin recovery, whilst blue destroys acne-causing bacteria. Our therapists will recommend the best frequency of light to address your particular skin concerns.
LED Light Therapy works by utilising an array of bright light-emitting diodes, originally developed by NASA scientists to target deeper layers of the skin and enhance energy absorption leading to a range of different benefits. Our Healite II LED machine uses the latest OLAT technology (Optical Lens Array Technology) which provides concentrated light output with reduced light scattering, meaning each treatment is short in duration but provides dramatic skin improvements.
LED facials are often likened to sunbathing. The treatment is not painful or invasive—just warm—and there is no downtime. The treatment usually lasts for around an hour. Subtle improvements may be seen immediately after the treatment, but full results will be noticeable 3 days after the treatment.
For most skin concerns, we recommend a course of 12 treatments over 4 weeks; however, the Healite II is also great as a single session boost before or after another treatment, or incorporated into specific facials to boost effectiveness and results. Consult with one of our experienced therapists to work out a treatment plan suited to your skin's individual needs.

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