EMFACE Melbourne Treatment

What To Expect With an EMFACE Melbourne Treatment

Our EMFACE Melbourne treatment provides fewer wrinkles and a more youthful aspect without needles or fillers. We use innovative technology to revitalise muscles that have begun to sag with age. When these muscles regain their tightened condition, it leads to an overall more youthful appearance in the face.

What Is EMFACE Melbourne Treatment?

This new technology emits two types of energies that rejuvenate the face and its muscles. The combination of HIFES™ and RF energies stimulates the muscles via special applicators fitted to the face. The device is pain-free and provides a convenient and fast solution for people to turn back the clock without pumping chemicals into their skin or submitting to invasive procedures.

What Should You Expect During the Procedure?

When you come in for a session, your only job is to relax and let our device do the heavy lifting. A trained therapist applies the device to your face and ensures that you are comfortable before beginning. The core treatment itself lasts for about 20 minutes. During this time, you may feel your face begin to warm, as well as some sensation of muscle movement beneath the skin. This is just the machine doing its job.

At Lavish we love to enhance our medical-grade technologies with additional luxury to allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. We have enhanced the standard BTL EMFACE treatment to include a relaxation hand and arm massage during the EMFACE treatment, followed by an enzymatic peel, an LED session incorporating a head, neck and shoulder massage, before finishing with a custom serum to address your specific skin concerns, moisturiser, sun protection and a light application of mineral makeup.

What results can I expect?

Every patient is different. The level of ageing and combination with other age-reversing technologies can play a role. So far, clinical studies shared by BTL Asethtics, the creators of the technology underpinning EMFACE Melbourne have shown the following:

  • 37% reduction in wrinkles
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 23% lifting effect

People often use this technology to address specific problems, such as the forehead, jawline, cheeks, or eyebrows. You can typically start to see results by the second treatment and usually see astounding results by the fourth treatment.

How Can You Schedule EMFACE Melbourne Treatments?

We recommend four treatments spaced out at intervals of once per week. Spacing them out gives the muscles time to recover from exhaustion. However, there is usually no need to refrain from certain activities after receiving treatment. Patients can resume their regular schedules without interruption.

We understand that you may have questions and look forward to answering them and addressing all concerns before confirming your EMFACE Melbourne appointment. Contact our team at Lavish Skin & Body or book your free consultation clicking here.