EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne Body Toning

How EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne Can Tone Your Body

Taking care of your body is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Even better, it's a gift that keeps on giving. It preserves your health, vitality and youth while contributing to your confidence and peace of mind. Exercise and nutrition are two common ways people care for their bodies, but that doesn't cover all the bases. This is where EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne comes in.

What Is EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne?

Emsculpt provides a fantastic opportunity for people to skip the line at the gym when it comes to developing toned muscles. You can sculpt your new body within just two weeks. The innovative technology eliminates fat cells and defines muscles by triggering contractions.

The machine triggers more than 20,000 muscle contractions, surpassing anything you might achieve in a gym within that same period. These contractions mimic those experienced during exercise and help you achieve the toned look you've always wanted.

How Many Treatment Sessions Do You Need To See Results?

Everyone's body is different. Ideally, EMSCULPT Neo serves as part of your existing health and fitness routine. That means you are already working to reduce fat cells by running, biking, doing yoga or going to the gym.

That makes it easier to see results with just four treatment sessions over a two-week period. The less existing fat you have cushioning your muscles, the easier it is to define them. That said, anyone should begin to see noticeable results within the first few sessions.

Why Is EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne Better Than Exercise?

To be clear, exercise is indispensable to overall health and fitness. EMSCULPT Neo should complement rather than replace a regular workout routine. However, this procedure is more effective than exercise at creating the muscle tone that men and women seek to improve their appearance and even their health. Here are some reasons it works better.

Less Time

It takes far less time to get the desired results with EMSCULPT NEO than if you only exercised regularly. You achieve far more muscle tone in 45 minutes twice per week than if you spent even three times that time at the gym for a month.

Greater Intensity

The contractions triggered by EMSCULPT Neo are more intense than any exercise you can do on your own without causing over-exertion or injury. Boosting the intensity of your muscle contractions may contribute to better endurance in your regular exercise routines.

Accurate Targeting

You can target specific areas of your body that traditional exercises don't always reach. This helps you achieve more balanced and even sculpted results that may not be possible with regular gym workouts. In fact, most personal trainers will tell you that you can't spot-treat problem areas with exercise. In particular, at Lavish Skin & Body we have the new BTL Side Applicators that specifically target love handles. 

Who Can Benefit From EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne?

Anyone looking to tone their body can get advantages from this treatment. However, some people might benefit more than others.

People With Busy Schedules

Anyone with a tight schedule who needs to maximize their time doing exercises will benefit from this treatment. You get more out of each session and require far fewer sessions than you would with traditional exercises.

The Elderly

As the body ages, its ability to recover takes longer and longer. With Emsculpt Neo Melbourne, the elderly can start seeing results within a few sessions without putting too much strain on their bodies. It is ideal for those hoping to maintain or improve muscle tone without totally exhausting themselves.

People With Disabilities

People with disabilities can also benefit from this treatment as it is low impact and doesn't require too much movement on the part of the patient. This makes it ideal for those unable to do regular exercises due to mobility limitations, pain or other reasons.

Health and Fitness Experts

If you have already achieved optimal health and fitness, EMSCULPT NEO can help take your physical appearance to the next level. It is an amazing addition to any existing routine that helps define results without spending hours at the gym. It can also help you "sell" the ideal body to clients hoping to achieve the same, such as abs or butt lifts.


Whether training for a big competition or just aiming to improve their performance, athletes can benefit from Emsculpt. It may get them to hit peak performance while also helping them look their best, even outside of the gym.

Anyone Who Wants To See Results Quickly

Emsculpt is an excellent option for anyone looking to see quick results. You get more out of each session and need fewer sessions than regular exercises. Examples of times this is convenient include models prepping for underwear shoots or a bride who wants to look amazing in her wedding dress —  and even better on the beach for her honeymoon.

Why Is Muscle Tone Important for Human Health?

People often view muscle tone as an aesthetic goal, but there are many health benefits to building and strengthening muscle composition in the body.


Muscle tone helps improve mobility, which is especially important for elderly people or those with a disability. It can help reduce pain in joints and strengthen them so that the person can move around easier.

Cardiovascular Health

Having stronger muscles helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently, contributing to the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Consequently, EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne can also reduce feelings of strain when engaging in strenuous activities.

Bone Density

Strong muscles help keep your bones sturdy and properly aligned. This is important for healthy posture and can help stave off conditions like osteoporosis in old age. People who intend to bear children or who already have given birth should consider this, as pregnancy weakens their bones.


Having more muscle mass helps to increase your metabolic rate, meaning you burn calories faster. This is a top priority for anyone trying to maintain a healthy weight for the long haul. People at risk of obesity and weight-related diseases should consider this treatment.

How Can You Schedule an EMSCULPT Neo Melbourne Treatment?

Booking an appointment is easy. Either contact our office to speak with an Emsculpt Neo Melbourne therapist or book your free consultation now by clicking here. Our trained professionals can answer all your pressing questions and set you up for a consultation and a session.