Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Our Top Recommendations for Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Too much sun exposure can happen to anyone, even if you don't spend all day at the beach on a regular basis. Just an hour or two going about your normal routine can expose you to harmful UV rays that can break down collagen and elastin and lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. Whether you're dealing with the effects of years of over-exposure or just a recent sunburn, a sun damaged skin treatment can help restore your complexion, improving both its look and its feel.

Our Favorite Sun Damaged Skin Treatment Options

There are many ways to restore and replenish what your skin loses after too much time in the sun. The right ingredients combined with the most effective techniques can help restore that youthful and healthy glow.

Use Vitamin C

One way to heal damage quickly while better protecting your skin long-term is to incorporate vitamin C into your skincare routine. This powerful antioxidant has a host of important health benefits. When it comes to your skin, vitamin C helps boost collagen formation, an important process that gives your skin a naturally plump and full look.

DermaFrac is an excellent option for sun damaged skin treatment. The process helps gently yet effectively prepare the skin to better absorb a vitamin C serum, allowing it to penetrate deep below the surface to restore your skin from the inside out.

Hydrate Effectively

UV rays can dehydrate your skin, robbing it of the moisture it needs to stay healthy and vibrant. A quality facial can rebalance your skin by sloughing away dead cells and buildup while deeply hydrating the fresher skin that's revealed underneath. There are many ways to elevate moisture levels for a dewy complexion.

The Lavish Signature Facial offers complete care that's customized according to your unique skin type and your individual concerns. You'll work with an expert to pick the right sun damaged skin treatment options to repair and restore your complexion.

Our Oxygen Facial takes nourishing skin care one step further by using the perfect combination of vitamin-rich products to boost circulation and deeply hydrate. A peptide mask helps brighten your skin, even after too much time in the sun.



Address Serious Damage

The long-term effects of sun exposure are, most often, dark spots and wrinkles. When UV rays have taken their toll, you'll need a more in-depth treatment alternative to address these skin problems. IPL Skin Rejuvenation can minimize the effects of sun damage and many other issues that age your skin. Specialized lasers target these trouble spots for a renewed complexion.

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When it comes to dealing with sun exposure, prevention should be your first step. Protect and nourish your skin on a routine basis to keep damage and aging to a minimum. Whether you need routine hydration or a more intense sun damaged skin treatment, Lavish Skin and Body can help you find the perfect services for your unique skin.


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