La Prairie Facial Treatments

What Is a La Prairie Facial Treatment?

Women have many choices when deciding what to eat, what to wear and what skincare products are necessary to help them look their best. You may not normally think of caviar as being a key ingredient in a skincare routine, more likely associating it with fine dining and glasses of champagne. However, science has linked caviar to a number of health benefits, several of which promote healthy, glowing skin. A La Prairie facial treatment capitalises on the stunning results of a caviar-infused routine, while also adding the luxurious ingredients of platinum and gold.



The Use of Caviar in La Prairie Treatments

Over the years, caviar has become an incredibly popular cosmetic ingredient. With its anti-aging effects and ability to tighten the skin, caviar-containing products are in high demand. Caviar is rich in nucleic acids, proteins, vitamins, omega-3 and phospholipids, improving the natural functions of the skin and enhancing antioxidant properties. Because it is a source of energy more potent than that in average human skin cells, it revitalises and nourishes the skin from deep within. Here’s what caviar extract contains.


These substances protect the skin as well as rejuvenate it. The deep moisturizing properties help create skin that is more firm, elastic and soft in texture.


This nutrient plays a role in the growth, maintenance and repair of cells and tissues. It’s also an important component because of its filtration effects, removing toxins and making room for healthy, new cells to grow.

Phosphoprotein/Amino Acids

These are essential substances in elastin, collagen and the body’s natural moisturizing factor. Collagen plays a significant role in strengthening the skin and combatting the effect of aging, improving hydration and increasing elasticity. The body produces less collagen as it ages, so encouraging production through La Prairie facial treatments can combat the integrity issues of the skin that comes from aging.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omegas 3s are key elements in an effective skincare routine, as these are the building blocks that create healthy cell membranes. Not only can they promote healthy, moisturized skin, but they also work to improve the appearance of skin that is tired, aged or discoloured. In facial treatments, fatty acids are used for rejuvenation.

The Use of Gold in La Prairie Treatments

Gold-infused skincare can bring a definite glow to the skin, which is why it is another key ingredient in high-quality facials. Gold is considered an excellent element for preventing free radical damage to the skin, and it can also reduce inflammation and minimise the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This precious element works to increase collagen production in the body in addition to helping slow down the loss of collagen, giving the skin a firm but youthful look. As it works to create elasticity and firmness, it develops a more toned look across the skin and makes it appear more radiant.

The Use of Platinum in La Prairie Treatments

The beauty industry has also realised how beneficial platinum can be for helping fight the effects of aging and improving skin health. Platinum is another precious metal included in skincare products designed to restore and preserve natural beauty. When incorporated into a facial treatment, this element can reduce inflammation and redness in the skin. Preventing free-radical damage helps keep the skin healthy from the inside out. The precious metal exhibits strong antioxidant activity, leading to clearer, brighter and stronger skin.

The Process of La Prairie Facial Treatments

A La Prairie facial treatment pays specific attention to the skin around the face in a multi-step process. The treatment starts with the application of a cleanser to remove and makeup or residue on the skin. Our therapists will help tone, plump and brighten the skin through the application of the La Prairie products selected for the facial, such as a moisturizer and sheet mask. The products are pushed deep into the skin where they are absorbed and begin to work.

The entire process can take from 60 minutes up to 90 minutes, depending on the facial treatment you select. It’s a time of relaxation while your skin gets rejuvenated.

The work done during the treatment is a start to beautiful-looking skin, but you must sustain the changes through a skincare routine and good health. The brand's products are effective when you use them daily and change your regimen. Daily nourishment will keep your face glowing and bright and reduce the signs of aging that can creep up on you.

 The Results of La Prairie Facial Treatments

Although results vary according to individual, anyone's skin can benefit from the ingredients of a facial. Though you may see the most noticeable change immediately after, you will continue to see results if you continue with the regimen.

Improvement in Skin Texture

There are several ingredients within this skincare line that lock in moisture while keeping out irritants. This can help plump the skin and increase the protective barrier it provides. Retaining moisture also helps prevent dryness and flaking, and balancing the moisture levels without adding additional oil prevents breakouts as well.

Protection Against Sun Damage

The antioxidants found in the treatment creams will protect the skin from the harsh damage done by UV rays. Although they can’t replace the effectiveness of wearing sunscreen, antioxidants found in caviar are particularly effective at fading sunspots and preventing new ones.

Improved Collagen Protection

Anti-aging regimens involve boosting the production and work of collagen. La Prairie facial treatments target ceramide and collagen production deep down in the skin cells. This means internal moisturizing and nourishment that will sustain a healthy, outward glow and tone. It keeps the skin firm and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

Reduced Inflammation

The precious metals in the facial treatments also reduce inflammation, leading to skin that has a healthy glow and is free from redness. They can also soothe irritated and sensitive skin.

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