Epidermal Levelling for Smooth Skin

Epidermal Levelling: Unveiling the Secrets to Smooth and Radiant Skin

Modern technology has improved countless areas of healthcare and wellness, from laser eye surgery to 3D imaging. It’s not surprising that advanced treatments can also help with skincare. Epidermal levelling is a high-tech option for obtaining smoother, brighter skin. How does this procedure work, and what are the pros and cons?

What Is Epidermal Levelling?

Skin levelling involves carefully removing dead skin cells, debris and fine hairs from your face. During the treatment, a skincare professional removes the outer layer of the skin using a specialised exfoliating blade called a dermatome. This process is also known as dermaplaning or microplaning.


What Are the Benefits of Epidermal Levelling?

Facial levelling treatments are an effective way to enjoy skin that looks and feels more youthful. Though your results can vary depending on skin type, many people experience a number of benefits.

Smoother Skin

If your face has a rough appearance, a combination of dirt, debris and dry skin may be to blame. Scraping away this old layer can reveal smooth, soft and supple skin underneath.

Brighter Skin Tone

Removing dead skin cells with deep exfoliation can also make an enormous difference in skin tone. The face may look lighter and brighter instead of dull and tired.

More Uniform Skin Surface

After dermaplaning, the skin takes on a more level appearance and texture, along with a more uniform tone. The smooth surface can make it easier to apply makeup products evenly.

Deeper Exfoliation

Epidermal levelling can eliminate as much as two weeks’ worth of dead skin cells. This is far more effective than exfoliating at home with beauty products or scrubs, which may require several sessions a week.

Less-Noticeable Wrinkles and Scars

While no skin care treatment can completely eliminate the signs of ageing, skin levelling can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scars, making them look softer and less noticeable. The final results depend on how extensive these blemishes are.

Increased Collagen Production

Manually removing dead skin cells instead of waiting for the body to gradually replace them should stimulate collagen production and create healthy new skin cells. That said, more studies are necessary to confirm this benefit.

Effective Exfoliation Without Irritating Chemicals

Another reason to choose dermaplaning is that it provides chemical-free exfoliation that is compatible with all skin types, including dry, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin.

How Does Epidermal Levelling Work?

The skin levelling process uses a specialised instrument called a dermatome. This device works similarly to an electric razor, but instead of only removing hair from the surface, the oscillating blade precisely “shaves” away the top layer of skin cells.

Does Dermaplaning Hurt?

When performed by a professional, dermaplaning is painless for the majority of patients. You may notice a slight stinging or scratching sensation during the procedure. There are topical products available for patients who want to minimise any discomfort.

After treatment, you may notice some tingling, burning, redness or swelling for a few hours or days. Your skin may also be more sensitive to sunlight for several months.

How Long Is a Skin Levelling Session?

A single levelling session usually takes about 45 minutes. The total time depends on how large an area of the skin receives treatment. Levelling can focus on a small patch of skin (such as scar tissue), the entire face or other parts of the body.

How Safe Is This Procedure?

Dermaplaning is safe for adults of any age and for the vast majority of skin types. That said, it’s not for everyone. Talk with our team or with your doctor before scheduling an appointment if you:

  • Get cold sores frequently
  • Often experience skin rashes or allergies
  • Have an ongoing acne breakout or sunburn
  • Have been diagnosed with psoriasis or eczema
  • Have freckles or moles in the area for treatment

Many people who have sensitive skin don’t experience problems with dermaplaning, but if your skin is extremely sensitive, let us know beforehand so we can take extra care.

How Long Does Dermaplaning Last?

Dermaplaning is a temporary cosmetic treatment. The results of levelling last for about three weeks. Healthy skin cells continually grow back.

What Can You Expect From a Lavish Skin and Body Epidermal Levelling Appointment?

At Lavish Skin and Body, our therapists take the time to discuss your concerns and allay any fears. We’re meticulous when it comes to patient comfort, well-being and care, both before and during the epidermal levelling procedure. Our team has an excellent reputation as skilled, kind and caring skin care professionals. 

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