Top 5 Tips for Introducing Skincare to your Teenager

Teenagers already have a lot on their plates, so the last thing they should have to worry about is skin trouble. When it comes to skincare, the earlier you start the better—learning good habits from a young age is key. If introducing skincare to your teenager seems daunting, don’t fear: we have outlined our top 5 easiest ways to ease them into good skincare habits.  

  1. SPF, always:

    This doesn’t rule doesn’t discriminate; it applies to all ages and skin types. Consistently using SPF is crucial in protecting your skin from long term damage. Sun damage is notorious for not only speeding up signs of ageing, but also worsening pre-existing skin conditions like acne and pigmentation.

  2. Keep it simple:

    Less is more when it comes to skincare. Don’t spend hundreds on products just because they’re targeted to teenagers. It’s best to focus on quality products that cleanse, exfoliate & hydrate. Those are the three key elements in controlling oil, congestion, and acne, which are the most common skincare concerns for teenagers.

  3. Be gentle:

    Avoid products that are too harsh on the skin. This includes anything heavily fragranced—these products can dry out your skin and make existing skin conditions worse.

  4. Talk to a professional:

    Scrap the hours of self-research and simplify the process by visiting a qualified clinician. They can prescribe your teen a skincare routine full of high-quality products. Here at Lavish, we offer free skin care consultations. After reviewing your teen’s skin type and condition, we can recommend products tailored to their needs.

  5. Utilise occasional clinical treatments:

    Some harder-to-treat skin conditions are best dealt with in-salon. For the best results, complement your teen’s at-home skincare routine with regular clinical treatments. These treatments will help the skin produce results that it can’t achieve naturally.

We recommend: Exfoliating treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels—they are a great way to rejuvenate teenage skin as teens tend to suffer from excessive oil and acne. They work by ridding the skin of nasties and exfoliating away dead skin. We also recommend LED Light Therapy for stubborn acne; this treatment utilises revolutionary Healite II technology to penetrate the skin’s deep layers and fight acne. These treatments not only help to keep the skin healthy, but they also increase the effectiveness of skincare products.


Need help navigating teenage skin care? Please do not hesitate to come and visit us in the clinic at 414 Toorak Road, Toorak or book an appointment online by clicking here.