Can your skin become immune to your skincare?

You may feel as though certain products in your beloved skincare regime have lost their effectiveness and don’t provide you with the glow you once adored them for. You aren’t mistaken! It is very common for your skin to become immune to certain skin care products and ingredients via a phenomenon known as Tachyphylaxis.

According to T.E. Peck Anaesthetist and intensive care assistant, Tachyphylaxis refers to the rapid decrease in response to repeated doses of a certain medication or ingredient. In terms of skin care this can cause the skin to adapt to its effects. But before you go and throw away all of your favourite products, there are ways you can manage and reduce the effects of Tachyphylaxis.

We chatted to Lavish Therapist Charlotte about her tips for when your skin becomes immune to your skincare. Read her advice now…


Back to basics

The first step you should take in managing Tachyphylaxis is to go back to basics, refrain from using products with active ingredients that tend to have an exfoliating effect on the skin rather pull your focus to cleansing and moisturising. Overuse of active products usually results in a damaged moisture barrier of the skin’s surface, in order to replenish the skin, the key focus of your routine needs to be purifying and hydration.

This simple yet effective routine will allow your skin to ‘reset’ and lessen its immunity to your more potent skin care products.


Try something new

Switching up your skincare routine is incredibly important as it helps to maintain the desired effects of your skincare.

Charlotte told us, “Checking in seasonally is recommended, I always ask my clients to let me know once they have finished a product (usually within 3-5 months) so we can reevaluate how the skin is progressing. Every individual is different but it is important to always be closely monitored by your skin clinician. If you’ve been using the same product for 12 months – please check in!”

A tailored facial treatment performed by a professional clinician is also a very effective way to reset the skin after becoming immune to your regular skincare regiment. Charlotte recommends Lavish’s Signature La Prairie Cellular Hydrating facial: “this facial includes a steam and 3 Minute peel to intensely oxygenate, buff and polish the skin”.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder

If you are combining products which have adverse effect when mixed, this can also contribute to the development of Tachyphylaxis.  Any products which are classified as chemical exfoliants tend to have a higher risk of not mixing well with other active products; according to Charlotte, “Alpha Hydroxy acids, Vitamin A, Glycolic Acid should never be over mixed as this will most probably have an undesired effect on the skin. Over exfoliation again will cause immense drying to the skin and sensitivity”.

Overusing skin care products is also a key contributor to Tachyphylaxis. Charlotte explains, “it is not necessary to overuse any product. Less is best and an overuse is usually just overloading the skin which can lead to an over production of oil and blocked pores. An overuse of Vitamin A can leave the skin sensitised, flaky and red”.

To achieve beautiful skin all year round it is crucial to find a skin clinician who can monitor and manage your skins needs. If you would like to know more about taking care of your skin, call us or drop into the clinic today to chat to a Beauty Therapist about your skincare needs.