What is LED Light Therapy and why do you need it?

Here at Lavish, we believe in always using the highest quality technology available to give your skin the best results possible. One of our favourite treatments right now is LED Light Therapy, which uses the revolutionary Healite II to revitalise the skin. But what is LED Light Therapy, and what does the Healite II actually do for the skin? Here, we answer all your questions about Light Therapy…

What is LED Light Therapy and how does it work?

LED Light Therapy works by emitting different light frequencies (red and blue) to treat various skin concerns. Red light frequencies target the outer layer of the skin, while blue light frequencies penetrate deeper into the skin to reach the oil glands. The Healite is able to reach so deeply into the skin because of the near infrared 830 wavelength it uses; this is a revolutionary technology in the skincare world!

What does LED Light Therapy do for the skin?

LED Light Therapy can target a few different skin concerns, depending which light frequency is used.

The blue light frequencies emitted in LED Light Therapy reach the oil glands, regulating oil production to prevent and fight acne. The red light frequencies work to stimulate collagen production, which diminishes fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin plumper and more youthful. Red light also improves circulation and reduces inflammation, which contributes to the overall health of the skin. 

This treatment is perfect for you if you have sun damage, uneven skin tone, redness, blemishes, breakouts, or unwanted signs of ageing. Plus, LED Light Therapy can also help to heal scarring!

What can I expect from my LED Light Therapy treatment?

Most clients describe the treatment as feeling super relaxing, like laying under the sun. Treatments usually last around 20 minutes, depending on the skin concerns being targeted, and there’s no downtime after your appointment. Since the treatment is so easy and fast, we offer it as an add-on to other treatments! Add a session of LED Light Therapy to your next appointment to give your skin an extra boost. 

You’ll begin to see improvements in your complexion after your first session, but a full treatment plan is recommended to see the best possible results. Our therapists will work with you to implement a personalised treatment plan tailored to your concerns.

Want to try LED Light Therapy for yourself, or discuss whether it’s a good option for your skin concerns? Call us on (03) 9827 9243 or book your free consultation here.