Five ways to prevent Maskne

For many around the world, wearing a mask has become a temporary normality.  Whilst protecting our health, this can also contribute to acne or skin irritation along the jawline, around the mouth and on the cheeks. 

The good news is that even though ‘maskne’ may be new to the majority, it isn’t to skin experts. Medical professionals have been wearing masks for their entire careers and can attest to the resulting skin issues, but rest assured there are many ways to combat it.

Face Mask

Here are five ways to prevent ‘maskne’: 

1. Ensure you cleanse your skin 

Always cleanse your skin prior to wearing face masks. Your face should always be clean to ensure there is no build-up of bacteria.

2. Apply a daily moisturiser

Keep your skin hydrated with a daily moisturiser. Now is a time to be looking for ceramides or hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.

3. Minimise makeup usage

If you can, try to avoid wearing makeup all together. If not, opt for lightweight makeup products with skin loving ingredients. We recommend trying mineral makeup where possible, opting for con-comedogenic, dermatologist and allergy tested foundations or tinted moisturisers. We particularly love Jane Iredale cosmetics - find out more about their brand and mineral makeup as a whole here.

4. Wash your mask (in a fragrance-free soap)

Ensure you wash your mask (if it’s reusable) after each use. Bacteria can live on its surface, so the cleaner it remains the healthier your skin will be. Also, avoid highly fragranced soaps - it’s not often that a clothing item sits directly on your face, so what may be fine on your standard clothes may not be suitable for your mask.

5. Wear the right mask

Your mask should be snug but comfortable - avoid anything super tight as it may irritate your skin. Cotton or Silk material on the inside of a mask is best and it’s more breathable, whereas synthetics may be more likely to cause irritation. 

Also, if you’re able to, try to take a 15-minute break from wearing your mask every four hours.


Already experiencing maskne? 

If you’re already experiencing a breakout, we suggest looking for skincare products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and retinoids.

These acne eradicating hero ingredients are sure to have your skin clear in no time! These can often be found in cleansers and moisturisers. These ingredients can be drying, so make sure to still nourish your skin with moisturising ingredients.

Want to find out more about what products you should (and shouldn’t)  be using in your home skincare routine? Check out this article on ‘Your Home Skincare Routine: Ingredients to mix and what to avoid.’